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Performance EDU is all about providing its' clients with the most effective training tools to meet their individual fitness & health goals; realizing that each persons' goals (a.k.a #GAINZ) will look different, as will the path to getting there. Our methodologies include assessment-driven, science-based and personalized practices emphasizing movement and injury prevention techniques.


When it comes to fitness, one size does not fit all. Let us help you find the right program that helps you meet your personal goals.

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It 2 weeks you'll feel it, in 4 weeks you'll see it, in 8 weeks you'll hear it - it only takes a moment to decide!



The strength of the team lies in the individual, and the strength of the individual is in the team.

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#UFIT Training

$99 - $139 per month
  • $99 - 1 Year Commitment
  • $119 - 6 Month Commitment
  • $139 - Month to Month Commitment
  • Access to the Gym from 6am-6pm
  • Pre-Programmed Workout 3x a Week
  • Roaming Coach on the Training Floor


$129 - $189 per month
  • $129 - 1 Year Commitment
  • $149 - 6 Month Commitment
  • $189 - Month to Month Commitment
  • Unlimited Coached Group Classes (max. 15ppl)
  • Unlimited #UFIT Pre-Programmed Workouts

#NXTLevel Personal Training

Ask for Pricing
  • Personalized Programming
  • Semi-Private (2-3 people) & 1:1 Sessions Available
  • 30 or 60 Minute Training Sessions

Than Your Strongest Excuse.


Who Doesn’t Love A Little Competition?

Who doesn’t love a little bit of good ol’ friendly competition!? Beginning Monday, March 20th, through the end of April we wanted to give you, the members, a chance to share your experience here at The Factory and win some prizes while you’re at it! The devil is in the details… so here’s the deets:…

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Why Is It So Important To Personalize A Fitness Routine?

Why is it so important to personalize a fitness routine based on your body and goals, rather than just grabbing one out of a magazine or from a fitness website? Every client comes to us for a reason. Our job is to make sure that we not only guide our clients towards their goals, but…

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How Do You Move?

Movement compensations can lead to repetitive strain to the musculoskeletal system resulting in chronic injury.  Injury potential may be decreased when the training session is based around identifying and correcting common movement dysfunctions.  When having movement compensations, they are usually in a result of injury, pain, muscled stiffness and/or muscle weakness. Here are some terms…

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What is recovery?

We train hard. We train hard again the next day, and the next day, and the next day. We see inspirational quotes about finding a way. Train through the fatigue, train through the soreness. Pictures of massive muscle bound men and lean ripped girls lifting heavy weights, running hills, challenging themselves everyday… who wouldn’t want…

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How Do Skier’s Stay Healthy?

Skiers injury prevention MODEL At Performance EDU Fitness   Every skier that walks through the doors of PerformancEDU are asked two simple questions: Do you Ski with Purpose?  Do you Train with Purpose? These two questions really allow our staff to dive into the training background of the skier. But more importantly, it gives us…

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Core Stabilization Meets Bird Dog

At Performance EDU we corrective phases for all our clients and here is one of our staples for the Core Series, The Bird Dog with Superband.

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Healthy Movement At Any Age

Performance EDU is a place where movement happens. You see, with life, we constantly create patterns of poor movement, restricted movement, painful movement, imbalanced movement, and overall inefficient movement. We can improve athlete’s movement, and they perform better. But we think that the real damage is done through years of desk jobs and car rides,…

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Obsessed With Snow: Lila Lapanja

A lot of skiers are obsessed with snow and follow the freshies every year. Performance EDU’s athlete Lila Lapanja of the US Ski Team lets everyone know why she is obsessed.

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Lower Cross Syndrome Create Lower Back Pain?

The lower-crossed syndrome is a postural distortion syndrome affecting the lower kinetic chain (lumbopelvic hip complex, knee, and ankle). The lower kinetic chain is one of two basic parts of the musculoskeletal system that are controlled and innervated through the CNS. The muscles can often serve as “windows” to the function of the CNS.The CNS…

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