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How Do You Move?

Movement compensations can lead to repetitive strain to the musculoskeletal system resulting in chronic injury.  Injury potential may be decreased when the training session is based around identifying and correcting common movement dysfunctions.  When having movement compensations, they are usually in a result of injury, pain, muscled stiffness and/or muscle weakness. Here are some terms…

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How Do Skier’s Stay Healthy?

Skiers injury prevention MODEL At Performance EDU Fitness   Every skier that walks through the doors of PerformancEDU are asked two simple questions: Do you Ski with Purpose?  Do you Train with Purpose? These two questions really allow our staff to dive into the training background of the skier. But more importantly, it gives us…

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Fuel for Speed: ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for Skiing & Ice-Based Training

Interview with Marc Digesti, Founder of Performance EDU Training Facility Marc Digesti, former U.S. Disabled Ski Team Strength Coach and Director of Performance of PerformancEDU Training Facility utilizes the ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for multiple diversified training programs in his in Tahoe, NV facility. Recently Marc shared his perspective on why the ULTRASLIDE is so effective for…

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