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Testimonials: Why do you training at Performance EDU?

By Marc Digesti | Dec 26, 2017

                  “I am writing this letter of recommendation for Marc Digesti, whom I had the pleasure of training with at the Core Performance Center located in Santa Monica, Ca.  For the 9 months, we were together, nearly every day of the week, Marc was nothing but a…

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How Do Skier’s Stay Healthy?

By Marc Digesti | Mar 11, 2017

Skiers injury prevention MODEL At Performance EDU Fitness   Every skier that walks through the doors of PerformancEDU are asked two simple questions: Do you Ski with Purpose?  Do you Train with Purpose? These two questions really allow our staff to dive into the training background of the skier. But more importantly, it gives us…

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Leg Curls On The TRX

By Marc Digesti | Jan 31, 2017

The TRX is used for many different types of training, but in this article, we will talk about the lower half of the body.  In this video, my skiers are demonstrating a progressed leg curl and here is the purpose behind the movement: This is a great strength exercise to work on core and hip stability, but…

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How Do Skiers Hold Position (Stability)?

By Marc Digesti | Jan 28, 2017

After proper tissue length has been restored, we can create a phasic strength program to correct misalignment and movement efficiency. One of the biggest challenges to a skier with poor alignment is a change in their center of gravity. Being able to move efficiently down the hill requires quick, balanced turns. Poor alignment alters your…

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Fuel for Speed: ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for Skiing & Ice-Based Training

By Marc Digesti | Dec 30, 2016

Interview with Marc Digesti, Founder of Performance EDU Training Facility Marc Digesti, former U.S. Disabled Ski Team Strength Coach and Director of Performance of PerformancEDU Training Facility utilizes the ULTRASLIDE Slideboard for multiple diversified training programs in his in Tahoe, NV facility. Recently Marc shared his perspective on why the ULTRASLIDE is so effective for…

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