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Ryan Golec

Director of Movement Enhancement



Ryan has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has been training for 16 years in addition to 2 years working as a physical therapy aide. He started training in Boulder, Co and obtained a certification through ISSA (the International Sports Science Association).

Ryan moved Back to Reno in 1999. He worked for Washoe Therapy Center as an Aide, and continued his training in the evenings. He was certified through ACSM (the American College of Sports Medicine) in 2002, and moved to training full time.

As he continued his training, he moved his skill set back towards his physical therapy background and was certified as a CHEK exercise coach in 2010. The CHEK Institute is focused on corrective movements, structural alignment, holistic health, and performance training. Training is based on the 7 base primal movement patterns, Push, Pull, Bend, Squat, Lunge, Twist, and Gait. Ryan continued with the CHEK Institute for his CHEK Practitioner level 1 and 2. With that continuing education, Ryan now specializes in pain management, back issues, mobility problems, and corrective movements. Sport and life performance are improved by working on a structurally sound body.

To add to the toolbox of pain management and performance, Ryan was certified through RockTape for their Fascial Movement Taping. He is Level 1 and level 2 certified. For those of you not familiar with RockTape, it is an elastic tape that created a motor sensory response through the skin to improve movement, reduce pain, decrease swelling, assist in structural support, scar movement, and performance movement.

Personal Workout Playlist

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