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Movement Mechanics

What Does Performance EDU’s Assessment Look Like? Down To The Minute

By Marc Digesti | Dec 28, 2017

Marc Digesti | Founder Performance EDU Fitness Procedure:                                                          Education: Meet and Greet: Make introductions Briefly discuss P-EDU Philosophy 5 min Present a professional environment. Base relationship development. Be able to articulate what we do and where is comes from. Health History and Lifestyle 10 min What limitations do they have? What are cardiac and orthopedic…

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How Do You Move?

By Marc Digesti | Dec 28, 2017

If I ask my clients what their goals are… the answers are usually the same… “I want to get into shape, I want to get tone, I want to lose weight, I want to get stronger”, etc. I occasionally hear that they want to hurt less or be able to move better, but unless they…

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The Importance of Glute Activation

By spheasant | Dec 28, 2017

Because most of us sit at a desk all day hunched over a computer screen, our glutes are inactive and probably not firing properly when we move and workout. This could lead to lower back pain, hip pain, and even knee and ankle pain. You might not be able to lift as much or run…

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Are Your Shoulders Bulletproof?

By Marc Digesti | Dec 26, 2017

No matter what your life or workouts look like, you probably use your shoulders. Your shoulders tie into both your neck and upper back. Your shoulders are responsible for pushing, pulling, lifting, chopping, throwing, and numerous other things that you can imagine. The problem that exists is, all that fun stuff is reliant on how…

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Improving Your Deadlift & Squat – Workshop Series

By Marc Digesti | Aug 17, 2017

The Last Saturday of Each Month Aug 26th | Sept 30th | Oct 28th 8:00am-9:30am We would like to invite you to join us for an exclusive 3 series workshop to learn the mechanics of how to improve your deadlift the last Saturday of each month. The workshop will be 90 minutes; we’ll provide an overview of the session, discuss the mechanics…

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The Importance of Single-Arm Training

By Marc Digesti | Jul 17, 2017

Training with weights in both of your hands is the norm—it’s what comes naturally. Why would you ever think to pick up just one dumbbell? They come in sets. But what if I said you are missing out by always training with a weight in each hand? With single-arm training you reap three big benefits that…

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RockTape is coming to Reno! – Saturday, August 19th

By Ryan Golec | Jul 13, 2017

FMT BLADES is an 8hr IASTM certification led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy AND you get to keep the tools you use in the class. FMT Blades introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement via Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The tools may be hard-edged, but the techniques…

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5 Simple Exercises to Give You #OFFICEGAINZ

By Rachel Koester | Jul 12, 2017

Over 50 percent of American men, and 60 percent of American women, never engage in any vigorous physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes per week. Study after study has clearly shown that “exercise deficiency” threatens your overall health and mental well-being, and shortens your lifespan. That said, even if you fall into the other half…

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By Marc Digesti | Jun 18, 2017

Yesterday, or two days ago, you did a strenuous workout for the first time in your life (or for the first time in a while). You dutifully did your squats, push-ups, and rows (if you followed the Beginner Bodyweight workout), or you did some barbell squats or deadlifts or pull-ups. Or maybe you decided to run a 5k…

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