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Marc Digesti

Performance Coach | Founder | President



A native of Reno/Tahoe, Marc has always had a passion for Human Performance. Marc Graduated from Chico State, with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and a Minor in Kinesiology.

During Marc’s time at Chico State, he immersed himself in one internship each semester. The internships consisted of: athletic training, cardiac pulmonary rehab, physical therapy, chiropractic and strength and conditioning.  Integrating the diversity of the internships, allowed Marc to find his niche and push forward in the correct working path.

For the past 10 years, Marc has been a performance coach for these top tier organizations: United States Disabled Ski Team, Olympic Training Center, 2-top 10 personal trainers facilities in the US, part of a start up at Core Performance Center, Exos (formerly Athletes Performance) and  a consultant for: Team Bambur race team, Northstar ski instructors, Reno Police Department, NASTC Tahoe, Spanish Springs Football Team, Independent Ski Racing Team, Big Bat Baseball School and Wellgate Project Redding Ca.

January 2010, Marc saw a market in Reno/Tahoe which hadn’t been exploited. This market was assessment driven and performance training.  Performance EDU Training Facility was then created. Since 2010, Performance EDU has grown from a 990 sq foot, single trainer facility, to a 2900 square foot training facility.  Marc has created a systematic approach with his training, starting with assessment protocols, that drive the periodization and program design for each client and athlete.  Marc has created a methodology and philosophy in which each coach follows. This allows the Performance EDU team to speak the same language during each session, which makes our coaching very streamlined from client to client. Marc created an online network for Performance EDU coaches to streamline communication of assessments, programs, notes, continuing education etc on each client, athlete or group we train.  This network is the key for communication in house amongst coaches, but more importantly in having multiple facilities.

Marc’s passion and energy in his brand and the performance industry are contagious.  Marc is known for his attention to detail on the day to day operations, his program design, his training and his staff. This quote is known at Performance EDU and speaks to who Marc is: “inspire greatness on others.”

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