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Performance EDU Fitness Facility coaches Marc Digesti and Ryan Golec  blog weekly with educational content & news to keep you informed, inspired, and engaged!

How Do Skier’s Stay Healthy?

By Marc Digesti | Mar 11, 2017

Skiers injury prevention MODEL At Performance EDU Fitness   Every skier that walks through the doors of PerformancEDU are asked two simple questions: Do you Ski with Purpose?  Do you Train with Purpose? These two questions really allow our staff to dive into the training background of the skier. But more importantly, it gives us…

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Core Stabilization Meets Bird Dog

By Ryan Golec | Mar 4, 2017

At Performance EDU we corrective phases for all our clients and here is one of our staples for the Core Series, The Bird Dog with Superband.

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Healthy Movement At Any Age

By Marc Digesti | Feb 17, 2017

Performance EDU is a place where movement happens. You see, with life, we constantly create patterns of poor movement, restricted movement, painful movement, imbalanced movement, and overall inefficient movement. We can improve athlete’s movement, and they perform better. But we think that the real damage is done through years of desk jobs and car rides,…

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Obsessed With Snow: Lila Lapanja

By Marc Digesti | Feb 16, 2017

A lot of skiers are obsessed with snow and follow the freshies every year. Performance EDU’s athlete Lila Lapanja of the US Ski Team lets everyone know why she is obsessed.

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Lower Cross Syndrome Create Lower Back Pain?

By Marc Digesti | Feb 10, 2017

The lower-crossed syndrome is a postural distortion syndrome affecting the lower kinetic chain (lumbopelvic hip complex, knee, and ankle). The lower kinetic chain is one of two basic parts of the musculoskeletal system that are controlled and innervated through the CNS. The muscles can often serve as “windows” to the function of the CNS.The CNS…

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Another Phase Rotational Stability: Keiser Rotational Row

By Marc Digesti | Feb 10, 2017

The rotational row is a progressional power movement is the Rotational Stability Movement Tree. In a standing position, we will progress and work on lower half hip loading while engaging the core to have the thoracic spine do what it does best….rotate and mobilize.  Insert the POWER phase……Let’s create some POWER on Keiser Equipment! Marc…

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Keiser Rotational Lifting Creates……..Power!

By Marc Digesti | Feb 2, 2017

At Performance EDU, we use Keiser Equipment. The great thing about our keiser equipment is, you can use it in any plane and at any speed.   The Keiser Rotational Lift is a progression of our rotary stability phase, but we are utilizing it into our lifting power series. Marc Digesti | President | Performance EDU Fitness…

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Leg Curls On The TRX

By Marc Digesti | Jan 31, 2017

The TRX is used for many different types of training, but in this article, we will talk about the lower half of the body.  In this video, my skiers are demonstrating a progressed leg curl and here is the purpose behind the movement: This is a great strength exercise to work on core and hip stability, but…

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2017 Promotions

By Marc Digesti | Jan 29, 2017

Never Been To Performance EDU? …. We don’t know about you, but we think it’s important to date & get to know someone before deciding whether you want to make things official. We’ve heard there’s a 3 rule date… so in that fashion, we’d like to court you, just as much as you’d probably like…

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