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What is recovery?

We train hard. We train hard again the next day, and the next day, and the next day. We see inspirational quotes about finding a way. Train through the fatigue, train through the soreness. Pictures of massive muscle bound men and lean ripped girls lifting heavy weights, running hills, challenging themselves everyday… who wouldn’t want…

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Developing Lateral Explosiveness: Phase 4

In our final phase of lateral explosive development, we generate speed in our force pattern. We have spent time preparing the body to absorb the exponential load placed on it during the landing phase of the lateral jump. In this phase we work on the speed of transition and explosive concentric contraction that is the…

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Developing Lateral Explosiveness: Phase 3

Our 3rd progression of our lateral explosive pattern development is to develop transition with single leg stability. Without stability, power will create injury. On either side of the cable pull we create a different challenge to the hip/knee/ankle stabilization. Transitioning into a stable position from movement is the essence of agility.

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Developing Lateral Explosiveness: Phase 2

Our second progression of creating lateral explosive power is beginning to integrate lateral movement into our eccentric load. Here we begin to set our neural pattern in the lateral drive component. We still create the eccentric strength and stability loading on the outside leg to prepare it for the capacity to generate explosive force.

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Developing Lateral Explosiveness: Phase 1

The first phase of developing lateral explosive power is to prepare the body to absorb load. Eccentric load patterns are a great tool to begin to strengthening a pattern. Here we show the development of a lateral curtsy lunge with cable assist. we can safely develop the eccentric load pattern but not break form on…

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Do We Really Have Shoulder Problems?

If you have shoulder pain, make sure you look at your thoracic spine. The thoracic spine has to have extension in order for the scapula to completely retract and allow full overhead movement. Poor t-spine extension can cause restricted and painful overhead movement. Forcing overhead position without proper t-spine extension can cause capsule instability and…

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