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About Performance EDU

Welcome to The Factory, home of Performance EDU. The Factory, a 2,900 square-foot training facility, is where our team, clients, and athletes get their sweat on. We are located in S. Reno at 5301 Louie Lane #178. During private and group training sessions, our clients have access to top-of-the-line equipment from Keiser, Woodway, TRX and more.

Our space was built for functionality. Clients can utilize a number of areas, including the Training Lounge, Metabolic Area, Corrective Movement and Private Training Space, Training Floor, or visit us in the Coaches Cave.

Performance EDU provides its clients with the most effective training tools to meet their individual sports performance and athletic goals. All of our programs are designed to enhance our clients’ athletic longevity for sports and life.

Our methodologies include assessment-driven, science-based and personalized practices emphasizing movement and injury prevention techniques.

Mission Statement: Performance EDU assesses the body for physical and nutritional dysfunction, corrects poor and weak movement patterns, and creates progressive programs to develop optimal performance in life and sport.

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