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“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Marc Digesti, whom I had the pleasure of training with at the Core Performance Center located in Santa Monica, Ca.  For the 9 months, we were together, nearly every day of the week, Marc was nothing but a consummate professional every day I was able to train with him.  His tremendous knowledge of how an athlete must train (let alone any weekend warrior or desk jockey, etc.) proved to be beyond effective in helping me reach my goals.  His infectious energy and positivity while being focused and in tune with his clients is truly remarkable.

While I was very disappointed to learn of Marc leaving Core Performance, I knew he was destined for greater things and moving back to his roots and where his heart was, made absolute sense to me.  When he then told me what his plans were with his new training venture, it made me wish I was a resident of Reno myself and knew that the game will be changing as soon as he hits the floor and starts training back home, just like it did every day at Core Performance.

You are very fortunate to be able to train with Marc; he will be sorely (figuratively and literally) missed here in Southern California.”

Peter Cornell

12 year Professional Basketball Player (NBA/Europe/Asia)

10 year Professional Actor (commercials/Movies/Print)

Jessi Stensland







Marc knows the body, knows performance, knows how to inspire and motivate people to their max.  Precision and purpose is key and he’s all over it.  Love getting worked and watching him work!  Always a fantastic time.  I look forward to getting back up his way soon!!

Jessi Stensland Pro Tri-Athlete

“Marc’s passion and commitment for the performance training space is palpable and translates into him being an incredible coach and motivator. His professionalism, commitment and presence add tremendous value to the training floor. Marc is consistent and always a pleasure to work with.” January 3, 2009




Independent Ski Racing is proud to announce our partnership with PerformancEDU for the 2013 season. PerformancEDU is regarded as a leader in the movement and conditioning industry and will provide overall conditioning programming for the team as well as a being a proud ISR sponsor. Under the guidance of Marc Digesti, director of performance at PEDU, ISR’s athletes will be well prepared for the elite levels of competition this upcoming season. Please check out and give them a “LIKE”. Thanks PEDU and Marc!

Luis Vargas, Director/General Manager, Core Performance Centers, Athletes’ Performance managed Marc indirectly at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER

“Marc is a world-class performance specialist and his knowledge of the space is uncanny. It is rare to find somebody who is as dedicated to his passion and his client as Marc. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Marc is able to balance a number of responsibilities at once. His coaching is effective and he’s always able to not just get the most but the BEST of out people. Marc is a true asset to our team.” December 30, 2008

Jeffrey Berman, Business Development Manager, Athletes’ Performance worked directly with Marc at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER

“Marc has been a loyal colleague and friend of mine since our days competing against one another on the baseball field. He possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge pertaining to the sports performance and wellness industry. Marc is extremely goal oriented and puts maximum effort into every endeavor he pursues.” December 11, 2008

Ben Hagar, Physical Therapy Student, California State University, Sacramento was with another company when working with Marc at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marc in Santa Monica as we opened our new facility, Core Perfomance Center. He was an integral part of helping the team open the facility. He is pasionate about coaching and learning new things to improve himself and his clients.” December 11, 2008

Sue Falsone, Director of Performance Physical Therapy, CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER managed Marc indirectly at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER

Doug Balzarini CSCS DBstrength

“I had the extreme pleasure of working alongside Marc at Fitness Quest 10. He defined professionalism and hard work and truly cared about the goals of his clients. He would go above and beyond and do whatever it took to help them. I would highly recommend Marc for a training or coaching position.” December 10, 2008

Doug Balzarini, Personal Trainer, Fitness Quest 10 worked directly with Marc at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER






“Marc has a maturity beyond his years and yet this did not diminish his expressed passion for his work. The long hours and ever-changing requirements of a new concept meant that Marc needed to be flexible and creative in his assigned tasks. Yet he never failed to deliver. Marc would make a great addition to any team and his potential for development is unlimited.” December 9, 2008

Rich Novelli, Vice President of Operations, Athletes’ Performance managed Marc indirectly at CORE PERFORMANCE CENTER

Bill Anderson: CEO of First Beverage Capital






“Marc is an incredibly talented trainer who integrates the best overall training skills with a fantastic attitude and superior motivation techniques. He knows the best exercises that are sport and body-specific, and he understands the critical importance of tailoring each set of exercises to each of his clients.

He always encouraged me to try and give my level best in each training session and to always set my sights on reaching a higher level of fitness. I’ve tried a number of different training regiments, but I reached my best fitness level as a result of my training sessions with Marc. “

Bill Anderson, President and CEO of FirstBeverage

“Marc’s incredible enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious.  He served a key role in helping me achieve my goals as a client.  Marc has a maturity beyond his years and yet this did not diminish his expressed passion for his work.  He’d make a great addition to any team and his potential for development is unlimited.”

Amit Kapur CMO of Myspace

I want to take a moment and extend my gratitude to you.  Your guidance and motivation has
been an essential part in helping me achieve fitness success.  Your commitment and dedication to
my goals has been remarkable!  It is evident that you have extensive training and knowledge and
experience to bring to your work and I feel extremely confident that you always have my best
interest and safety in mind.  I appreciate the time you take to understand my needs and tailor a
program specifically for me.  Your support has been invaluable to me and I would recommend
your services to anyone who wants to reach their personal fitness best.


Clint Durocher Farmer Insurance

I have had the privilege of being trained by Marc for almost two years in both individual and group settings, and he is a truly a master of his craft.  His knowledge base is enormous, yet he brings that knowledge into play in easily digestible, often subtle ways.   Seemingly minor adjustments that he has made to my form and movement patterns have created major improvements in my results, and his strategic use of cutting-edge training techniques make each session an unpredictable, fun ride.  Best of all, I know how dedicated he is to me, and to seeing me reach my fitness goals.  Those of us who have trained with him know that a session with Marc is like attending a master class.

Jeff Greenholtz Santa Monica California

Mark Estee Owner/Ex Chef of Moodys, Baxters and BurgerME







As a long time, part time athlete who is nearing 40, PerformanceEDU has been my saving grace. marc is a stickler for details and fun. he looked at my body, incorprated my lifestyle and previous training into a concise fun and very helpful workout regime. i love our mornings together as there is always some new exercise or traing technique that i am taught. he sees the big picture. my core, my hamstrings and my back feel better than ever before….this is not the typical training i have received before. this is a way to awaken my younger side. i feel better, i look better and i am fired up on continuing the journey with Marc!

Mark Estee Owner/Ex Chef of Moody’s Bistro, Farro, BurgerME

Christine Kwok Founder of Balanced Strength

Christine Kwok Founder of Balanced Strength





I feel very fortunate to have been able to have been “trained” by Marc. As a fellow fitness professional in the business, I trust Marc fully with my fitness programming. He really raises the bar for his clients and colleagues. Using the word “training” doesn’t do his service justice. Marc focuses on the precision of movement, ensuring that his clients will remain injury-free and -resistant, ensures that our bodies will function properly till we’re six-feet under, and that we maximize power output and athletic performance. There is no goal too lofty when it comes to PerformancEDU!!!

Christine Kwok Founder of Balanced Strength

Ian Sephton: Co-Owner of Branstetter Group

Marc is an amazing coach who takes the time to listen to your goals.  He than puts together programs that fit your training style.  As a former athlete it was a great change of pace and challenged me in ways I haven’t been before.  I highly recommend PerformanceEDU!

Ian Sephton Co-Owner of Branstetter Group

I have had the privilege of being trained by Marc for almost two years in both individual and group settings, and he is a truly a master of his craft.  His knowledge base is enormous, yet he brings that knowledge into play in easily digestible, often subtle ways.   Seemingly minor adjustments that he has made to my form and movement patterns have created major improvements in my results, and his strategic use of cutting-edge training techniques make each session an unpredictable, fun ride.  Best of all, I know how dedicated he is to me, and to seeing me reach my fitness goals.  Those of us who have trained with him know that a session with Marc is like attending a master class.

Jeff Greenholtz

PerformancEDU athlete Marc Kaiser

Playing professional baseball since 2003 I have learned the importance of keeping your body in the best physical shape possible.  To compete at the highest level it takes a lot more than just physical talent.  The importance of staying healthy while not breaking down can be the difference from someone making it and someone not because of injuries and the body breaking down. Unfortunately, as I was on the cusp of reaching my life long dream of making it to the big leagues my shoulder and hips gave out causing me to not be my best and eventually get shoulder surgery.  In my mind it was going to be no big deal get the surgery and come back in 8-12 months and be right back where I left off.     Unfortunately it was not that easy!! I made my first attempt to comeback in the summer of 2010 while playing in the Atlantic league.  After just 2 starts I realized I came back a little too soon and my body and shoulder where just not ready for top notch competition yet. But to me it was very frustrating because off all the hard work I put in and what I thought was getting into top shape.
I came back to Reno in September of 2010 with questions of hanging them up in my head but I knew deep down inside that I still had a lot left in my shoulder and body.  Luckily for me that is when I saw Marc Digesti out at a Reno High fall baseball practice. Needless to say looking back on that day it is the day that saved my life!!  I have trained with some of the best trainers in the country in San Diego and after working with Marc aka “bubba” he is no doubt on a whole new level when it comes to getting the body to WORK!!! What I first noticed about Bubba is his passion and love for what he does! Not only is he the most knowledgable trainer I have worked with when it comes to logic and how to get your body to work together; but knowing he cares and wants to see you succeed and reach your goals just as bad as you do is something I respect and value tremendously!! After just 2 months of working with Bubba I lost 10% body fat while losing 25 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of lean body muscle!!! And the best part about it was my strength in my hips and core allowed to to take all the pressure off my arm.  I am in the best shape of my life today and I will continue to get better because of the knowledge Bubba has given me.  He is not just a good fitness trainer he is a great person, a great teacher and a better friend!  I have all the confidence in the world that I will one day reach my goal of playing baseball at the highest level and I will never forget how Bubba has made it possible.  I highly recommend Bubba for anyone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle or simply trying to get the edge on your competition as an athlete!!
Thanks Bubba
Marc Kaiser-ONENESS

Mark Palamaras | Western Demo Ski Team

Mark Palamaras | Western Demo Ski Team






“The workouts and exercises that PerformancEDU uses have taken my sport of skiing to an entirely different level.  I ski with more speed an versatility now that I am stronger and more mobile than ever.  This power has translated through to other sports as well like biking.  PerformancEDU can show you how to use your body more efficiently.”

Mark Palamaras | Sugar Bowl Ski Instructor | Western Demo Ski Team Member

Kimberly Mann NASTC

Kimberly Mann NASTC







PerformancEdu helped me get on top of my game.  I entered the season feeling like a brick wall, not only did I have the strength, power and endurance to perform my best, I could feel the strides I had made in building more stability and mobility.  I was able to make the improvements during training that I needed in order to succeed at my goals.  PeformancEdu acknowledges your goals regardless of how big or small they are.  PerformancEdu cares about its athletes, their goals and most importantly their well being.  There is a certain degree of trust that exists between an athlete and his or her trainer, you need to know that the person you are trusting to help bring your body to its peak performance level respects your goals and will work with you to get you to the level that you need to be at to achieve them – with PerformancEdu there is never a doubt.”

Kimberly Mann | NASTC operations manager

Darla Smyth: Do you have a friend who speaks so highly of a coach you just have to see for yourself what’s so special?  Well, Marc is that coach!  How many years have I “worked” out, flipping tractor tires, climbed Jacobs Ladder and thought… I’m going be ready for the season ahead!   After just a few short sessions, Marc has taught me more about body position and awareness that makes my work out specific for me to be stronger.  With really cool, easy movements that kick my butt, I can see my winter in the steeps being attacked and conquered!  Seriously!  If your ready to be better then you have ever been, check Marc out!

Scott Doggett: I totally lucked out finding Marc. I was in the process of buying a Precor elliptical machine from Nevada Home Fitness, mostly to burn calories and keep the arteries clear. In fact, I told the owner, Justin, exactly that and said I was looking for a trainer to help me get really fit (an elliptical machine, even a really good one like the one I bought, is absolutely no substitute for a professional trainer). I’m 51 and was, until recently, a bit of a couch potato. Justin looked at me and said something like, “There’s a trainer creating a workout center right next door and I highly recommend him.” I went next door and there was Marc, huddled with some contractors. The carpet wasn’t down yet and I think they were discussing it; the large room seemed a long way from being ready for working out in. I asked Marc for a couple minutes of his time, which he gladly provided, to tell me about his methods and his rates. I’d had a great trainer in Pasadena about 10 years ago and Marc’s enthusiasm as he spoke instantly reminded me of him. It was a Friday and Marc and I agreed my first workout with him would be on Monday, even though I had serious doubts about whether the training facility would be ready in three days. Sure enough it was, which impressed me, and Marc lead me through a terrific hour-long workout session. I should mention that when I got there the client ahead of me was a ski racer for Squaw Valley; that impressed me, too, because I knew then that Marc trained real athletes and not just older guys like me who are eager to return their bods to how they were some 30 years ago. That return-to-former-glory is absolutely doable, by the way, as I’m discovering. The session started out with 4 minutes on a high-tech spinner, followed by Marc stretching out my legs, hips, glutes and lower back. After that, he led me through a series of exercises in which my body’s weight provided the chief form of resistance, although soon enough in our sessions various pieces of equipment and some weights were incorporated. I’ve now been going to Marc three times a week for nearly two months. Although my primary objective is to get in great shape for The Inca Trail and trekking in the Himalayas and Alaska’s Denali National Park, I’ve lost four inches off my waist line and my whole bod’s starting to look really good. In another two months I suspect I’ll be able to wear clothes I haven’t worn since I was running around El Salvador with Nikons during that country’s civil war in the 1980s. Moreover, I can simply do so much more physically than I could just two months ago. My overall strength has increased enormously, as has my stamina. But, and this really surprised me because I’ve been stiff all my life, I’m now limber; my range of motion has improved astonishingly. I never thought I could be limber, like my bod just wouldn’t permit it. Marc’s debunked that theory. I’ve got a Mt. Rose ski pass and really look forward to the upcoming season because I already know I’ll enjoy it. Last year skiing really wasn’t very fun for me. My quads burned after just three runs and I had to stop fairly often to catch my breath. This season there will be none of that. That’s apparent. Hiking has already become so much easier. Marc’s doing just what I wanted: He’s helping me get in killer shape and because he’s so enthusiastic, I look really forward to the workouts. I feel super lucky to have found Marc and expect to continue working out with him for a very long time. His rates, by the way, are very reasonable — a full 50 percent less than what I paid my Pasadena trainer who, I now realize, wasn’t nearly as knowledgeable as Marc. I couldn’t be more pleased with Marc and can wholeheartedly recommend him.

Nick Knecht Moment Ski:  I am a skier and I consider skiing to be the most fun thing that I do. However, I started working out with Marc simply to improve my overall fitness level. But once he caught on to my passion for skiing, he approached me as if I was training to be a world class athlete.  With his balance and strength workouts that are focused around skiing as well as his attention to my personal body composition, I have been feeling the benefits of his workouts in my skiing already this early season.  He also has the numbers to prove it with his tracking of my body composition.  He his helping me get the most out of my skiing, which is what I love to do most.  I see myself continuing his workouts for a very long time.

Ashley Nikkel: 

Performance EDU is a first-class facility. An amateur endurance athlete (I use that term loosely), I had my ACL surgically repaired last year and was struggling to transition from physical therapy back into training. I began personal training at EDU in March and I’ll admit, it took some time to adjust to a training style that I was not used to: the emphasis on form, function, and education is entirely unique in Reno. Many facilities have trainers that can push you until you want to vomit and yes, if you’re just looking to burn calories, those can be great options. But after spending five months with Marc Digesti and Ryan Golec at EDU, I realized there’s more to working out than just doing push-ups until you puke. There’s moving, and then there’s moving well – EDU is a place where you can learn to move well.

The coaches at EDU take the time to explain the fundamentals and work with your individual needs. They identify areas of weakness and strength, and develop a comprehensive program to encourage your strengths while targeting and resolving your weaknesses. In the course of addressing issues with my repaired knee, Marc highlighted additional problem areas in my core, back, and shoulders. I’m happy to say that four months in, I’m finally injury-free for the first time in recent memory, and it’s completely empowering. Plus, I’m never bored. Barbells? Got it. TRX? No problem. Bands and kettlebells and boxes? Yup. Agility drills? You betcha. Boxing? Put on your gloves. Cardio? Pick your poison. You could be sixteen or sixty and Marc will develop a program to keep you engaged and working towards your goals.

If personal training is not your cup of tea, or you like group exercise in addition to personal training, the group classes (“Group GAINZ”) at EDU are also fantastic. They aren’t bootcamp, and they aren’t CrossFit. Most Group GAINZ classes are an hour of circuit training, and usually have a warm-up or movement preparation component, as well as a strength component, an “elastic” or accessory component, and a metabolic (cardio) component. They are challenging, balanced, and offer the opportunity for people of many different fitness levels to work out together in an encouraging and fun environment while still promoting growth over time (no plateaus here). I particularly appreciate the community that the Group GAINZ offer – the other members are super nice and welcoming; they are there to put in the hard work while still keeping their sense of humor and joy for the activity.

If you can’t make the group classes (they are usually 6am and 6pm), EDU has a unique “U-Fit” program where you can go in at your convenience, there’s a daily workout posted on the television monitor, and a station with the equipment you’ll need. Any questions? There’s a roaming coach whose brain you can pick about form and modifications. My only regret is that the facility is not closer to my workplace, because I would love to take advantage of U-Fit on my lunch hour.

Finally, the staff at EDU has created a culture focused on excellence – personal, professional, and athletic. Marc is one of the most encouraging, patient coaches I’ve ever met. His passion for movement and education shines through during our training sessions and he fields my incessant questioning about form and mechanics with ease and a sense of humor. Ryan and Rachel are both perfect complements to Marc’s skill-set, with Ryan offering an incredible knowledge of kinesiology and soft-tissue work, and Rachel pushing her clients and groups to reach their full potential with incredibly positive energy. With their consistent coaching, I’ve learned fitness is not a destination: it’s a journey that never stops so long as you’re willing to work at it. In five short months, I’ve progressed as an athlete in ways I never believed I could, and I only wish I’d found EDU sooner. But don’t take my word for it – try them yourself. You’ll be happy you did.

Shyla Pheasant:

The bottom line: I LOVE Performance EDU. If you’re looking for a gym where you’re not just a number but a name; where form, function, mobility, and stability are the most important things; where it’s about you and your personal goals (even when you’re apart of group training); if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change that’s long-term where you have a team behind you keeping you accountable and checking-in; this is the place for you. I’ve noticed a HUGE change in the movement of my body, my body composition (more stability and balance throughout my body and build), and I always leave feeling energized, inspired, and educated.

My personal experience: I joined the 6am morning Performance EDU group class in October 2015 and started noticing an increase in my energy level & physical strength. In November, I hurt my lower back and didn’t show up to the gym for a couple of days. Marc personally reached out to check-in and had me come in to do a personal assessment to really observe the functional movement, mobility, and stability in my body. He pointed out that I wasn’t activating my glute muscles properly which was causing my body to compensate by overusing my quads, hamstrings, and lower back – hence, the lower back pain. And I can be pretty tight in my hips too (from riding horses my whole life)….  Marc put together a corrective program for me (in addition to the group classes) and also let the group instructors know so we’d all be on the same page.

A month later, I noticed a huge change – I was finally using my glutes properly, my hip strength was a lot better, and there was a night and day difference all-around in my range of motion & mobility. Just like you shouldn’t build a house on a shaky foundation, it’s important to make sure you have a solid foundation in your body movement so that you can reach your personal goals and make long-term & sustainable gainz. – I love knowing that the team at EDU always has me covered and puts my best interests first (none of the trainers there are in this industry for the wrong reasons; i.e. money, recognition, etc.) they just want to see you be the best you. And let’s be honest – I finally have a butt (sometimes I wondered if it was there)!

Jonathan Hodges:

Marc and Ryan run an excellent shop! Being in the movement and health industry, finding trainers/coaches that share common core concepts as we do at Nevada PT is invaluable. They are intelligent and thirsty for knowledge, they implement programs that actually create better moving, more healthy human beings, and are just generally great guys. This is one of the few facilities in town that we refer our patients too as we trust them to take care of our people when they are ready to transition back into their athletic life styles. You won’t be disappointed with PerformancEDU!

Grant Korgan:

Marc Digesti of Performance EDU is a world-class athlete development and body optimization master.  This facility (and Marc’s skill set) is a huge asset to Reno/Tahoe area athletes and individuals who desire to achieve their optimal fitness results.  Marc brings an exceptionally large knowledge base of the body and it’s connection with the mind to every session.  Couple his dedication to the body’s physiology with a very calming and constant understanding of your big picture goals, and you have a very powerful teammate on your journey to heath and fitness success…

For the past 3 years, my wife (also my lead trainer / fitness guru) and I have been on a journey of constant recovery from a 2010 spinal cord injury.  We have been blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to train with some of the best practitioners and facilities around the nation.  I give Performance EDU a five star rating because each week I work out with many practitioners (applying myself to many different healing modalities), and Marc has not only earned my respect – he has earned the respect of all others on my team.

I believe with my whole heart in 120% recovery, and from day one, Marc has believed with his whole heart as well.  I put in the hard work everyday to make progress, and with the help of my team, my wife, the High Fives non-profit Foundation, an incredibly supportive community, and Marc Digesti / Performace EDU – we move closer toward that goal every single day!!!

Jeff G:

I have had the privilege of being trained by Marc for almost two years in both individual and group settings, and he is a truly a master of his craft.  His knowledge base is enormous, yet he brings that knowledge into play in easily digestible, often subtle ways.   Seemingly minor adjustments that he has made to my form and movement patterns have created major improvements in my results, and his strategic use of cutting-edge training techniques make each session an unpredictable, fun ride.  Best of all, I know how dedicated he is to me, and to seeing me reach my fitness goals.  Those of us who have trained with him know that a session with Marc is like attending a master class.