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NEW Movement Mechanix Library

At Performance EDU, we strive to help people move better. The concept of corrective exercise often means just doing an exercise correctly. Coaching and body awareness are your greatest tools to moving well and hurting less. It’s only in the need to remap movement patterns and turn on inhibited muscles that we require regressed “corrective” exercises.

Repetition is the key to movement remapping and perfect practice makes perfect. Since we can’t send coaches home with you, we want to provide access to visual movements and coaching cues that will help you practice perfect movement frequently at home. Enter the Movement Mechanix Library. We will grow this library from corrective patterns to compound athletic movements. All this is available to you for perfect practice! Your coach will prescribe the movements that you need, but feel free to watch and try all the movements that Performance EDU has to offer! 

To kick our Movement Mechanix series off – we’re going to spend the next couple of weeks highlighting Hip Stability and Mobility corrective movements. Look for a new movement every Monday and Wednesday!

Today we’re going to talk about the Knee Banded Hip Bridge

The glutes are one of the most important muscles for both stability and power. The Glute Max is primarily an external rotator and hip extensor. The banded hip bridge uses both directions to optimally fire the GM. Here we move with a controlled pace to facilitate complete glute contraction.

Stay focused and train smart,

Ryan Golec B.S. USAW | Director of Movement Enhancement