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How Do You Move?

Movement compensations can lead to repetitive strain to the musculoskeletal system resulting in chronic injury.  Injury potential may be decreased when the training session is based around identifying and correcting common movement dysfunctions.  When having movement compensations, they are usually in a result of injury, pain, muscled stiffness and/or muscle weakness.

Here are some terms we see during the Functional Movement Screen:

  • Compensation-Movement occurring without regard to normal mechanics due to injury, tightness and poor motor control.
  • Symmetry (symmetrical)-Equal in appearance or movement between sides.
  • Asymmetry-Unequal in appearance or movement between sides.

The picture of Jessi Stensland is a perfect example of an athlete being postural sound, totally symmetrical and fluid while placing a lot of stress on her body.

Great WORK Jess!

Marc Digesti | President